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Frequently asked questions

How can I book services?

Booking is easy! First, contact DTX Pets to schedule a meet and greet. Then, we will set you up on our scheduling app “Time to Pet.” With your account, you can book a service on the app or website.

Can I book without a meet and greet?

We want to make sure all our pets and their owners are comfortable entering in their territory. Therefore, we do not go to potential clients house without previously having a meet and greet. We like to meet the owners and their pets to talk about the care we will be providing for each pet.

Do you use retractable leashes?
There are a few reasons why we don’t use retractable leashes:
  • They can become dangerous to the dog and the walking.
  • They allow the dog to get away from you, potentially in trouble or harms way.
  • Leashes are for structure and direction to the dog. Retractable leashes don’t provide that.
  • Retractable leashes can break easily and, in some cases, can cause burns or other injuries to walker and the dog.
Do you administer pet medication?
Yes, upon request we can provide medication administration, as well as feeding. We can also provide other services like watering plants, taking out the trash, and retrieving mail at no additional cost, just ask!
What are your services areas?
We provide pet sitting and dog walking services primarily in Highland Park, TX and Northern Dallas. Our service areas are displayed on our business profile and our website, but if you have any special requests or questions please contact us.
What is a "drop-in" and what does that include?
Drop-ins are great for cats and dogs that just need a quick visit. These visits include feeding, cleaning litter boxes or poop pickup, giving them fresh water, administering any medication, and of course giving them some of their favorite snacks! Pictures and updates of your pet come standard with DTX Pets.
What do cat visits include?
Cat visits include: Feeding, fresh water, cleaning litter box, playtime, administering meds and treats. Pictures and updates of your pet(s) are included.

Let's meet up.

Before you use our service, we schedule a meet and greet so a team member can meet your cat or dog in the comfort of their home. This allows our employees to provide the best care possible for your pet.