The dog walker Dallas, TX area families appreciate.

Committed to pet care.

Finding a reliable pet sitter, house sitter, or dog walker in Dallas, TX should be easy. DTX Pets makes it easier than ever. We have an experienced team of professionals who know how to handle every dog breed with the love, care, and attention they deserve.

All our pet sitters, walkers, and chauffeurs are verified and trained.

The DTX Pet's team assist pets and pet owners in leading a happy and healthy life.

We provide convenient scheduling for the best pet care experience.

Meet Paul, the owner of DTX Pets.

With a strong background in education and extensive experience in the service industry, I’ve made a rewarding transition from teaching to founding my own respected pet service. My lifelong dedication to animal care began in childhood with cherished dogs and cats, laying the groundwork for my current commitment.

Starting with part-time pet sitting and walking, I’ve built a loyal client base over the years. This invaluable experience motivated me to embark on an entrepreneurial path fueled by a deep passion for providing exceptional pet care and nurturing meaningful connections with their owners.

Driven by a natural inclination to educate and serve, I am dedicated to becoming your pet’s trusted companion and caretaker. I’m excited about the opportunity to earn your confidence and show why I can be your pet’s second-best friend.