Ways to Ensure Your Cat Is Safe and Happy While You’re Away Overnight

June 13, 2024

Cats are well-known for being social creatures when they adore their owners. Your cat may not like other cats yet but still enjoys social interactions with you. Your cat will miss you when you’re away for a night. However, there are plenty of ways to ensure your cat is happy while you’re gone, like hiring a pet sitting service. Let’s look at a few ways they ensure your furry feline remains safe and happy.

Consider Timespan

How long you’ll be gone will help you determine what you must do for your feline. According to Rover, most cats can be left alone for up to eight hours. If you leave late at night and return early in the morning, your pet will likely be just fine overnight. However, if you’ll be gone longer, it’s best to get assistance from professionals who can drop in to ensure your cat gets fed all their meals promptly.

Implement Security Measures

Many pet owners utilize modern security measures, such as cameras in the main rooms and hallways, to monitor their cats. Video baby monitors are another standard tool we see. These allow you to check in with your cat if you’re not too far away. Ensuring security measures can help prevent incidents like break-ins while you’re gone, providing your cat is safe.

Hire a Pet Sitting Service

Hiring a pet sitter is a popular option among owners. Pet sitters offer various services to accommodate your schedule. Many offer a drop-in service, which is when they stop by your house to check on your pet for you. However, overnight boarding services may be more applicable if you’ll be away for a longer time. They may also take your pet to appointments if necessary.

Maintain Your Cat’s Routine

Many pets enjoy the stability of a routine, especially when it comes to breakfast and dinner times. Notify your pet sitter if you want things done at a specific time. Maintain the same routine before you leave for the night, and continue it when you get home. This will help ease the anxiety your cat may have if you’re away for a few days.

Our pet sitting professionals are experienced with cats and dogs and are happy to assist with caring for your feline when you’re out of town. Contact DTX Pets today to learn more about our services.