7 Important Questions to Ask a Pet Transportation Company Before Hiring

October 31, 2022

Moving across countries or
relocating to another city is jarring. But what’s more unsettling is making
sure your pet moves with you unscathed. 

Since you can’t take them with you due to travel restrictions, finding a company that offers door to door pet transportation is the only option that sounds good to the ears.

It works, but only if you take the time to ask the pet movers some questions first.

So, if you haven’t thought this through, we can help determine what to inquire about. 


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Let’s begin. 

Questions to Ask a Pet Transportation Company Before Hiring


Are You a Registered Pet Transportation Company?

Dallas is no stranger to pet transportation companies. However, many might be in the process of getting registered or do not know that the service requires registration.

If you approached an unregistered business, chances are that they wouldn’t know the basic care pets need during cross-border traveling. That’s why it’s crucial to ask the representatives about appropriate registration.


For example, for a pet moving company to be legal, it must be a member of IPATA.

IPATA, or International Pet Animal and Transportation Association, is an international network of pet movers that deals with professional pet relocation around the globe. So, if the pet company you chose is an IPATA member, you automatically sign up for multiple benefits. 

IPATA members are registered with organizations within the country and are obliged to abide by the live animal regulations of IATA – International Air Transport Association.

The result? Your pet can be relocated safely and sound and within legal boundaries. 


Do You Have the Licenses to Operate in the Area?

The USA requires pet companies to hold a USDA license.

USDA regulates the pet transportation business and oversees all operations. Therefore, this license is essential for a secure pet moving experience. 


How Long Have You Been Moving Pets?

A pet transportation service can have all the licenses and registrations in the country, but it still wouldn’t suffice if they don’t have the experience of moving different pet species and breeds. And when it comes to dealing with animals, the more experience, the better. 

Keeping this thought in mind, you must ask the pet moving company you approach about the years they have been in business.

If they have been transporting pets for longer than a couple of years, you can expect top-notch services because they know that it’s not a job of shifting parcels that remain static en route. Instead, it’s about transferring beings that breathe and caring for them until they reach their destination. 


Can You Provide References for Past Clients?

This one is as important as finding out about the licenses. After all, if it’s anything that gives clear insight into the offered services, it’s a past client’s experience.

However, be sure not to rely on what a pet company quotes on behalf of its clients.

Ask for a list – a professional pet mover would never refuse you. And when you have the list, make sure to ring them up.


Does Your Staff Have the Required Experience and Expertise?

Handling pets from different breeds is a skillful practice. So, it’s down to the professional training and qualifications of staff members who build a pet moving business’s reputation.

When asking about experience, keep an eye open for authentic evidence such as documentation proof and skill certificates than believing what they say. 

How Can I Get in Touch with Your Driver During Moving?

Communication skills mark a significant aspect when choosing a pet transportation company. Staying in touch is vital because it gives you the peace of mind that your pet is safe. 


Ask for the communication modes a company’s drivers have.

  • Does the company allow drivers to carry phones?
  • Do the other staff members send regular reports to pet owners?
  • How can you contact the company for updates?


Knowing the answers to these questions can alleviate your fears. This way, your journey can be less about getting worried for your pet and more about your life in a new country.


What Special Measures Do You Take for Overnight Relocation?

Moving a pet across countries is less stressful if done during the day. It’s completely different when traveling is inevitable during the night. 


Experienced pet relocation services have transport facilities well-equipped with pet needs. This includes sleeping arrangements, extra staff to take out for potty breaks, and appropriate waste disposal. 


Asking about the additional steps a company takes to make traveling comfortable shows their dedication. And ultimately, it becomes the deciding factor for you to hire them. 


Before You Leave

Hiring a professional pet mover can reduce your concerns for your pet’s good health and safety during international traveling. So, if you’re looking for assistance in moving your pet out of the country, DTX Pets is here to help. 


Ask us all the questions you like (even other than what we’ve listed above), and we’ll give answers that’ll make up your mind without a doubt. 


See ya around!