What to Know Before Dropping Your Pet to Doggie Daycare

October 31, 2022

Approximately 90.5 million US citizens are pet owners. Among that, 69 million US homeowners are proud dog parents. 

Though it’s only natural to want to care for your furry friend yourself, it’s not always possible. The first thing that comes to mind when you have to leave your beloved pet alone is a place where your dog can stay safe. And that’s why most people in Dallas, Texas, prefer a dog sitter Dallas.

If it’s your first time dropping your pet to doggie daycare, our checklist can serve as a guide to help you prepare for the better.

In this blog, you will know:

  • What activities can your dog do in a dog daycare
  • What qualifications to look for in a dog daycare
  • How should you prepare your dog for their first time
  • Which alternatives to consider for a doggie daycare

Activities Your Dog Can Perform in a Doggie Daycare

Leaving your dog in a dog daycare is the best option if you work full-time, have no one around, or are going on a long trip out of town.

Once you drop off your pet in the daycare, the staff separates the dogs according to the breeds or by creating specific play groups.

Every group is taken for breakfast, after which the fun starts.

Here are the activities your canine can take part in in a safe and secure environment:


Dog daycares have specific areas for dogs to play with their best friends. Since many are excited to see their friends after a long night at home, workers take special care to group together large dogs apart from the smaller ones.

In some daycares for dogs, toys are also given while keeping safety standards in mind.

Walking Time

If you wish your dog to be walked around the facility, dropping them off with a leash is recommended. This ensures your pet can do their business or safely walk with a staff member.


Whether or not your dog engages in different activities, naptime is significant. Often, doggie daycares have separate places for dogs to rest and recharge.

Look for these Qualifications in a Doggie Daycare

As a doggy parent, you have every right to be concerned about what your canine will do in your absence. And since dog daycares have other dogs around, it can be stressful to imagine the atmosphere.

Therefore, before dropping your pet to the facility, make sure it checks off the following qualifications:

Trained Staff

No matter how well-equipped the doggie daycare center might be, if it doesn’t have experienced staff members, it won’t help. That’s why you must ask about the training and expertise of the workers.

Requesting information about the number of workers and average dogs cared for in a day is also helpful because it gives insight into the management.

Bonded & Insured Daycare

Dog owners often forget about this aspect. Unfortunately, overlooking this fact can lead to dire consequences like losing the items you dropped with your pet or in the event of damage.

On the other hand, a bonded and insured daycare means that the ones running the facility care about their employees and clients alike. 

Attitude with Pet Owners

Keeping track of your dog’s activities gives peace of mind as nothing does. The best way to do that is by asking management how they communicate with owners.

For example, are they open to regular daily reports, or do they send weekly reports?

Figure out what works for you, and then decide.

Daily Schedules

When does the staff take dogs for a walk, when do they feed, and do the pets get a quiet place for napping – these are some areas you need to explore before selecting the best dog daycare center.

Tips to Prepare Your Dog for the First Visit

If only it were that easy to prepare your beloved pet for their first day at the daycare center. But worry not because it’s accomplishable.

Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Neuter or spay your dog well before the time
  • Make sure they’re adequately vaccinated
  • Make time for a potty break before dropping them off
  • Reach early to avoid giving a shock to your pup with multiple dogs around

Consider Alternatives as Needed

Doggie daycare might not be suitable for a pet with special needs or if you’re nervous about leaving your dog with different breeds.

The best alternative is to look for drop-in services for dogs. Dog drop-ins are designed to care for your pet within the comfort of your home.

The visits are short and meaningful. For example, when you connect with us at DTX Pets, we’ll assign a worker to drop in for 30 or 60 minutes based on your preferences.

We also offer other pet services, including dog walking services, overnight pet sitting, and more.