7 Dog Walking Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

October 28, 2022

They say a tired dog behaves
much better than a bored dog. 

While we don’t know the science behind why it happens, we certainly know what causes the good behavior – a day spent walking and sniffing down their favorite spots and rabbit holes. 

We get it, Dallas isn’t exactly full of rabbit holes, but you get the idea. 

What you might not be aware of are the things you accidentally end up doing when walking your dog. But as a company providing dog walking Dallas Texas, we have compiled a list of mistakes you can avoid. 

Let’s check them out.

Dog Walking Mistakes to Avoid Next Time

For some dog owners, walking their dogs is just another to-do to check off their list. But for a dog, it’s about maintaining their physical and mental state (and yes, dogs have emotions, too!). 

With that said, it’s easier to bury yourself in the work email that just popped up or feel sad because of a row you had with a friend. 

The key lies in knowing the tell-tale signs and rectifying them as soon as possible. 

You Stop Your Dog from Smelling Different Scents

Humans judge a person by how they look, talk, and dress. But it’s entirely different for dogs.

Dogs love smelling things, spots, people (and even other dogs’ butts!). It’s part of their nature, and it’s what helps them retain information and remember facts. 

Not letting them sniff around and explore can affect their walk and mental state.

Your dog might not show aggressive behavior at first, but later, it can change into a challenging situation for you.

In comparison, allowing your dog to smell as they like helps them relax and walk comfortably. 

You Don’t Let Your Dog Woof Around with Another Doggie

As a dog owner, you may feel too conscious of how your dog reacts around others.

So, you might stop them from interacting with others for their safety. And yet, it can be one of the worst mistakes to make. Instead, let your dog be social within limits.


You Keep Letting Them Pull the Leash

If there is anything dogs love doing while walking after sniffing, it’s pulling their leash. For them, hoomans walk too slowly, and a bit faster wouldn’t hurt.

Your part here is to make them understand that pulling is painful for you. 

How do you do that?

Stop right away when they start pulling. And reward them when they keep close to you without walking too fast. This lets your pet know you’ll keep walking if they walk at your pace and not the other way around. 


You Often Zone Out into Your World

Balancing your ‘me time’ and ‘doggie time’ can be challenging. But trying to mix the two never works.

So, if you get busy attending calls while walking your dog, it can make them feel ignored and, ultimately, aggressive. 

The best thing to do is take time out for dog walking when you have nothing else to do. It can be early morning before you head out or after you’ve come home from work and have nothing else to do.

Make whatever works for you work for your dog. 


You Barely Acknowledge Good Behavior

Believe it or not, dogs love being praised for their good behaviors as much as humans do.

Some go to unthinkable lengths to earn a happy nod from their owner. Unfortunately, if you regularly bury yourself in your activities, you might end up overlooking good behavior like:

  • Getting done with dog business quickly
  • Walking close to you
  • Not barking at other street dogs


However, acknowledging your pet’s behavior helps them know what you like and what they can get a reward for. 

You Don’t Play with Your Dog

As mentioned earlier, the time you walk your dog is your bonding time.

It’s when you dedicate yourself to your pet’s activities. It’s when you understand what they love doing.

And if it’s about playing with them, there shouldn’t be any compromise – dogs make sure of that.

If you aren’t playing their favorite throw the stick or pass the ball with them, then it kills the idea of bonding time.

You can avoid that by focusing on what your dog’s looking for and giving them a well-deserved playtime. 


You Keep Hurrying their Potty Breaks

Here as well, dogs are no different than humans. They like taking time for potty breaks and hate it when their owner rushes them into resuming a walk.

We get it.


As a human, you might feel confused seeing your pet sniffing their urine or taking time to find a suitable potty spot. But hurrying the deed can lead to specific health conditions, especially if they don’t pass feces as they like. That’s why you must give them the due privacy and time to relieve themselves before taking charge of their leash.


Hire a Professional Dog Walker in Dallas

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