Traveling Out of Town? Here’s Why You Should Hire a Cat Sitter

October 28, 2022

Are you planning a trip out of town? In a fix to take your beloved cat with you or leave them behind?

We get the dilemma. But it’s nothing that can’t be solved.

Before you jump into hiring a professional for cat sitting Dallas, you must first understand your pet’s nature.

  • Does your cat adjust to new environments easily?
  • Does your cat have a health condition that needs immediate attention?

Compared to dogs, who love accompanying their owners to places, cats find a change of environment distasteful. So, you might have to face severe backlash once you reach your desired destination.

Most importantly, consider the trip you’re about to make.

If it’s a business trip, will you be able to give plenty of play time to your pet?

If it’s a vacation, check how enjoyable it will be for your cat.

Once you’ve evaluated everything, you must also analyze the complications that arise with taking a pet with you

Cons of Keeping Your Cat with You While Traveling

  • Pet traveling policies and paperwork can take up all your time.
  • Some hotels or modes of transport don’t allow pets.
  • Your cat’s health conditions may suffer due to a lack of immediate medical help.


Keeping all these aspects in mind, it’s safe to say why hiring a cat sitter can bring you the peace of mind you deserve.


Reasons to Hire a Cat Sitter in Dallas

Your Cat Can Continue Their Daily Routine

Cats love following routines. And even though that routine may sound mediocre to you, it’s what makes a cat a cat.

From stretching their body after a good sleep to licking themselves all over, these feline animals like doing it in their comfort places. By hiring a cat sitter, you’ll make sure they can continue doing so.


Your Cat Gets Plenty of Love and Playtime

Let’s face it. Even if you overcome the traveling complications, you won’t be able to play with your pet or give them the attention they deserve.

A cat sitter will, though, because that’s what they do for a living.


Your Cat Can Visit Vets as Scheduled

If your cat has a health condition, it’s crucial to get them checked now and then. The vet might schedule follow-up visits which can go amiss if you take your cat with you. And that’s where a cat sitter can help.


Your Cat Gets to Stay in a Familiar Environment

As discussed earlier, cats hate it when they’re away from their comfort zone. And while you can’t leave them alone, putting them under a cat sitter’s care can make all the difference. 


What Does a Cat Sitter Do?

Cat sitters are trained individuals with the experience and knowledge of caring for various cat breeds. So, whether you have an American shorthair, an ocelot, or any other, expect the person you hired to do the following effortlessly

Feed and Keep Your Cat Hydrated

Not every cat has the same feeding habits. So, a cat sitter is responsible for catering to a pet’s unique eating routine. This includes putting cat food in their favorite bowls, cleaning the bowls afterward, and making sure your cat is drinking enough water out of appropriate drinking containers.

Play Your Cat’s Favorite Games with Them

Going away doesn’t mean your pet has to wait for you to come back. A cat sitter makes sure your pet is having the required playtime to stay happy and healthy.

Take Care of Hygiene by Cleaning Litter Boxes

Hygiene is important whether or not your feline friend has a health condition. Especially when cleaning litter boxes, there shouldn’t be any compromise.

This problem is easily solved when you make a trained cat sitter the in-charge of tending to your pet’s needs. Not only do they ensure your cat gets frequent potty breaks, but they also wipe away the feces once your cat’s done with the deed.

Give Medicines as Prescribed

As a cat owner, leaving your pet behind becomes challenging when they have a health issue. And if it requires medical treatment, you may feel ambiguous about your trip. Sure, you can ask friends or family to administer medicines, but would they know when and how?

Chances are, you’ll spend a lot of time on call giving instructions.

On the other hand, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest with a cat sitter caring for your cat’s special needs.

Take Your Cat to the Vet If Needed

A common misconception is that cat sitters only tend to the tasks inside the house. However, it’s also their job responsibility to handle emergencies. Whether it’s by calling a vet to your home or taking your pet to a scheduled visit, it depends on the situation at hand.

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So, when’s your next trip out of town?

We recommend scheduling a meet and greet with us at DTX Pets so you and your cat can say hi to our experienced and capable cat sitters. See ya around!