Should You Hire Air or Ground Door-to-Door Pet Transportation Services

December 30, 2022

In 1963, author Sheila Burnford wrote a children’s book, The Incredible Journey, which was later adapted into a multi-sequel film.

It followed three pets – a Labrador Retriever, Bull Terrier, and a Siamese cat – who journey through the Canadian wilderness to find their owners.

After an exhausting adventure, the pets *spoiler alert* make their way to the owners by showing courage and determination; the ending was heartwarming, and those who saw the film – or read the book – couldn’t stop themselves from shedding a tear or two.

As cute as the scene was, just the thought of that happening to your Princess Consuela or Max is enough to send shivers down your spine.

For that reason (and many others), you shouldn’t leave your pets alone when you’re moving out of town or going on a vacation.

“Yes, I know. That’s why I’ll travel with my pet.”

We wouldn’t recommend it.

Think about it: during a move, there are multiple things that require your attention, especially if you’re a big family. The last thing you need to add more to your problems is how to move your pets securely and comfortably.

That’s where door to door pet transportation services can ease your burdens.

By enlisting the help of a company that only focuses on shipping your pets, you allow yourself – and them – to relax.


Do Pet Transportation Companies Ship Via Ground or Air?

Some pet companies only provide ground transportation, while others only ship pets via airplanes.

But there are a handful that offer both ground and ship door to door pet transportation services.

However, the question arises, which pet transportation method is better?

Well, we’ve discussed everything about air and ground pet shipping below, so it’s easier for you to decide.


Ground Pet Transportation

Have you ever taken your pet somewhere in a vehicle?

If yes, ground transportation won’t be stressful for your little furball.

Since they’re accustomed to the situation, they’ll spend the journey without getting anxious.

However, that doesn’t mean the animals won’t make noise; some factors may cause them to become agitated.

Topping that list is traveling with a stranger.

Pets love socializing, but only with those they recognize. And that won’t be the case with whoever’s driving the carrier.

Secondly, many a time, pet shipping companies put a large number of animals in the same space to travel efficiently. That could cause their anxiety levels to boost.

You’d be glad to know that DTX Pets is not one of them; we offer solo pet transportation services to ensure your four-legged friends remain at ease throughout the journey.

And we also arrange meet-ups to familiarize pets with the drivers, giving them a reason to stay calm.

Air Pet Transportation

Hiring air pet transportation will be a good idea if you’re going out of town and want your pet to be there as quickly as possible.

Your pets would cover the journey in hours as compared to days.

Air pet transportation will also help prevent separation anxiety in your pets.

That said, we’re well aware that flying can be stressful for animals. Not to forget, there’s a comprehensive list of factors to consider, like:

  • Pet-friendly airlines
  • Pet traveling documents
  • Pet-friendly carriers

In addition, the varying temperature may also affect your pets’ behavior.

All the above-mentioned issues are challenging, but that doesn’t mean you can’t ship pets via air. If that were the case, around 2 million pets in the US wouldn’t travel by air every year.

Hiring a company that checks all the boxes is key to ensuring that flying is a pleasant experience for your pets. Do that, and you’ve got nothing to worry about. 


When You Need to Hire Air or Ground Pet Shipping Services

There are a few situations during which it’s not recommended to travel with pets and hire shipping services instead. We’ve compiled them below:

The Drive Is Long – Whether you’re relocating or visiting relatives, traveling across states can be tiresome. But it’s nothing compared to what your pets feel. So, to provide a stress-free experience to your furry friends, it’s better to enlist a pet shipping company’s help.

You’re Traveling by Air – In a perfect world, no one would object to pets flying with their owners. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world; many airline companies prohibit pet traveling. When that happens, pet shipping services can provide relief.


The Ball Is in Your Court

Now that you know everything about air and ground pet shipping services, it’s time to pick one. If you ask our expert opinion, we’ll recommend the latter simply because there’s less risk of your furry companions getting stressed.

And that’s especially true when you hire DTX Pet’s pet chauffeur services. We pay special attention to your furballs while transporting them, ensuring they reach their destination in a happy, chirpy, and pleasant mood.