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Overnight Services From the Top Pet Sitter in Dallas, TX

When you need an overnight pet sitter Dallas, TX families can count on, we can help! Learn more below.

Overnight Service

$120per night

Up to two dogs or three cats

Perfect for spoiling your pet, seniors or pets with health issues. Service includes: 8-hour sleep over, two 30-minute daytime visits, feeding and medication administration. Upon request we can provide: Taking out the trash, watering plants and retrieving mail.

Add additional pet $15 each

Holiday are an additional $20 per visit

Rush visits additional $30

(Rush requests that need to be fulfilled within 10 days)

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Benefits of having a pet sitter/walker

For pets:

For owner:

Why we don’t use retractable leashes?

The purpose of a leash is to give structure and direction to your dog. With a retractable leash, this isn’t possible.

All DTX employees are required to only use standard leashes. Therefore, employee will have back up standard leash if owner will only provide retractable leash.