Here’s How to Get Your Pup Ready for Dog Walking in Dallas, Texas

December 26, 2022

Few things in life make you as happy as spending time with your dog.

Just the thought of taking them for a stroll down the street excites you.

But you mustn’t forget that it’s supposed to be a relaxing experience for the owner and the puppy. Sure, you might not have a problem with walking your puppy, but they might.

The thing about canines is that they’re a curious species; they’re quick to react in the presence of other animals or people. And when pooches get startled, they leave little time for you to think.

For instance, while on a walk, if your dog sees another pet – or even a butterfly – it will bolt, making it difficult for you to control your four-legged companion.

Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of tips that can help you master the art that is dog walking in Dallas, Texas.

Before the Walk

Finding time for yourself, let alone your pet, can be challenging in today’s fast-paced world. But walking your dog is a fun activity your pup as well as you can enjoy. Not to forget, it’s good for their overall health.

So, the first thing you need to do is take some time out of your busy schedule for your dog.

If you can do it every day, even better; if not, walk your dog at least once every two days. And you don’t necessarily have to cover a long journey.

For most canines, 20-30 minutes should be enough. Though some can walk more, it’s better not to exhaust your furry companion.


Accessories Required to Walk Your Dog

Topping the list of dog walking essentials is a leash. Or, to be more precise, an easy-to-hold, comfortable, and 4-6 feet long leash.

Since dogs might oppose wearing a leash, it’s better to introduce them to one before going on a walk. This way, your pup won’t struggle with or fear it.

It’s important to mention that you should not use a retractable dog leash. It tends to malfunction and can injure your four-legged friend. And it isn’t durable. This means the leash could break if there’s a powerful dog on the other side.

All these reasons aside, try a harness if you still feel uncomfortable putting your dog on a leash. It lets you control the canine like a leash but redirects the strain from their neck to shoulders and body.

Poop bags are another important thing to carry while walking a dog. Although you should ensure your furry friend has defecated before heading out, you never know when they might need to answer nature’s call again.

So, to be a responsible citizen and a pet owner, take a poop bag. Then, once your pooch has done the deed, throw the bag in a trash can and wash or sanitize your hands.

Finally, you must always have treats while walking your dog. Not only can you use the treats to train your furry companion, but you can also keep them focused, so they don’t get distracted.

During the Walk

Now that you’ve made the preparations for dog walking in Dallas, Texas, it’s time to hit the road. And to make the experience worth remembering for you and your four-legged friend, we’ve listed a few tips to help you make the most of the activity.


Morning Is the Best Time to Walk Your Dog

There are plenty of reasons why taking your dog on a morning walk is recommended. For starters, the streets will be less busy compared to the evening, giving them plenty of space to explore and sniff around.

Secondly, you’ll be fresh enough to enjoy the activity, which won’t be the case if you’re walking your dog after coming from work.

And last but not least, your and your furry friend’s mood will remain pleasant throughout the day once you’ve had a good morning walk.


Always Stay Ahead of Your Dog

If you let your dog walk in front of you, it’ll make them think that they are the leaders. Consequently, they’ll chase distractions, putting them at the risk of getting hurt.

Therefore, you must walk in front of your dog or beside them, whatever’s convenient.

This way, you’d be in charge of where your pup goes and what they do.


Let Your Dog Explore the Terrain

We’ve mentioned multiple times that dogs are curious creatures; it’s an innate trait of their existence.

If you stop your pooch from doing so, they’ll try to break free from the leash or harness, which won’t be a pleasant experience for either of you.

So, as long as your furry friend isn’t sniffing around an unsafe area, don’t stop them. In addition to helping them feel relaxed, this activity also proves beneficial for dogs’ mental stimulation.

After the Walk

Has your dog been a good boy throughout the walk?

Well, it’s time to reward them with their favorite meal so that they can repeat the same behavior the next time.


Ready to Take Your Fluffy Friend Out for a Walk?

Walking your dog is one of the best ways to create cherishable memories with your fuzzy companion. But it’s not a walk in the park (no pun intended).

You’d have to be extremely careful regarding where your pup goes and what they do. However, if that sounds too much or you already have a lot on your plate, DTX Pets is here to ease your burdens.

We’ll get your pup ready for dog walking in Dallas, Texas, in no time and ensure they have a ball.