What’s Included in a Drop-In Dog Sitting Service?

January 26, 2024

No one likes to be away from their dog, but if you must, professional dog sitting can make it easier. Professional drop-in dog sitting services are a great solution for any dog parent who needs to be away from their dog and wants to make sure the dog has a good experience while apart from their family. Here are some of the services your pup can benefit from while you are apart.

1. Fun Play Times

The right service is passionate about ensuring your dog enjoys its time away from you by filling up the time with plenty of fun playtime. Of course, playtime is supervised to ensure safety. Dogs can play in a controlled environment to ensure playtime is fun and safe.

The right service will ensure that your dog has the level of companionship they need to ensure they enjoy the experience. Supervision and plenty of care will ensure your pet feels safe and secure. Your dog will fully enjoy the time with its sitter.

2. Food, Water, and Treats

If your dog is away from you for an entire day, he or she will be fed and given treats. Fresh, clean water is always available. You can bring your own food and supply the treats, and the care provider will feed and provide treats following your instructions.

Consistent feeding times are essential to your dog’s routine. Ensuring their nutritional needs are met helps keep their health on track. According to Better Health, about 53% of dogs in the U.S. are overweight. The right team will ensure any dietary restrictions for your dog are followed closely. You can rest assured your dog will be fed according to your directions.

3. Plenty of Potty Time

The right sitting service takes bathroom hygiene seriously. The potty area is kept clean to ensure the healthiest experience for every dog in the sitter’s care. Your dog will have ample opportunities to go outdoors to the bathroom to ensure their comfort.

A high-quality dog-sitting team ensures a completely safe, healthy environment for your dog. The right sitter puts your dog’s health and safety first. That includes ensuring access to a clean space to relieve themselves.

Having trusted, reliable dog sitting services for your pet will make the time apart less stressful. Partnering with the right dog sitter will ensure a happy, healthy dog when you return. Call DTX Pets today to learn more.