A professional dog sitting service will ensure your puppy gets the care they need when you’re at work or away for a night. According to the American Kennel Club, puppies need more attention than adult dogs; this includes getting a potty break about every two to four hours. Here is the amount of interaction your puppy needs for ideal development and sociability.

1. Early Puppyhood

If your puppy is under three months old, it needs constant interaction. This stage of puppyhood is when your puppy does a lot of learning, and they also need protection from themselves! It’s best to socialize your puppy as much as possible during the first few months of their life. This includes interacting with other puppies, dogs, and humans. Ensuring their sociability early on will help them develop healthy cohabitating skills with both animals and humans.

2. Mid Puppyhood

From about three months to six months, your puppy will still need plenty of interaction. Short spurts of attention throughout the day ensure that they are properly socialized with humans. At this stage, your puppy will be more playful and more interested in a relationship.

Like human babies, puppies needs will change as they grow. By the time they get to the mid-puppyhood age, they will be interested in learning new things. Therefore, engagement with other dogs, toys, and settings is essential. Taking your puppy to a safe dog park is an excellent idea!

3. Nearing Adulthood

Your one-year-old puppy will still need plenty of engagement and guidance. By this age, bladder control should be fully in force, and potty breaks are less frequent. However, proper training still includes consistent interactions with other animals and people. By this age, taking your pup to an outdoor restaurant can be an excellent goal to have.

Puppies require a lot of attention and engagement. If you need assistance with lunchtime potty breaks and weekend around-the-clock care, our dog sitting service can be in your corner. We ensure your pup is always safe and well-cared for. Enlist the services of a trusted agency to partner with for all your dog sitting needs. Call our experienced and reliable team at DTX Pets today to learn more about the many helpful services we offer!

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